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Are you ready to focus less on the little things and spend more time enjoying your life? I can help you with all those time-consuming tasks that take up your day and distract you from living your life to the fullest.

Suoicerp Virtual Ofice is a virtual administrative assistant business made to help small to medium business owners and entrepreneurs, realize and achieve their goals, work related or not. Success starts with the little things you do today that shape your achievements tomorrow.

I am here to help you tackle your work week and make it work for you, not against you. Your responsibility is to spend your time loving and enjoying your life. I can use my skills and knowledge to help make that happen.

Suoicerp Virtual Office is primarily engaged in providing online assistance services for other businesses. The Company manages Personal Assistance PA, Business Administration and Document Scanning. These services allow small and medium sized businesses the ability to save a significant amount of time and money on managing the back-end administrative functions associated with a having a small to moderate personnel base.

Mission Statement

Suoicerp Virtual Office mission is to become the recognized regional leader in its targeted market for outsourced Virtual Assistance services.

Benefits in Choosing Our Virtual Assistant

  • Free up time: Hiring an assistant from us lets you balance your schedule, especially during heavy work days. Imagine having virtual staff working for you while you attend meetings, eat, or catch up on the papers! When you hire virtual staff, you do not need to overload your schedule with work. Assign a tasks to your assistant and manage your schedule for work and play. Pass on the energy-sucking tasks that eat up your time.
  • Cost effective: With a virtual assistant, you never need to pay for office space, electricity, computers, telephone bill and other business overheads. We work in our office, so you do not need to budget for overhead expenses. Imagine the savings you will make each month or even daily. No holiday pay, vacation leave, health insurance, sick leave, and other benefits.
  • Paying per hour  rather than an annual salary brings a huge cost-saving compared to a full-time employee.
  • On-call anytime: When your employees are overloaded with work, or someone calls in sick, call our virtual help team


Be Organised

• Google email management (sort into folders, create consistent labels, respond to emails/ redirect important emails etc). • Google calendar management (colour coding, separating personal and business calendars, realistic time management schedules). • Google Docs filing system management/re-organisation (sorting into intuitive folder structures). • Liaise with your team such as administrators, other VAs, support services, social media teams. • Travel planning, reservations and itineraries. • Assist in planning events such as coaching days, retreats, booking travel and hotels etc. • Gathering quotes for flights, car rentals, hotel reservations, event organisers etc. • Event administration such as booking event organisers, retreat venues, photographers etc. • Client appreciation such as sending personalised gifts or thank you's. • Personal assistance such as booking a much needed spa break or family holiday, researching local food delivery services or online grocery ordering, family health insurance quotes, buying special gifts for special people etc • And more ...

Pricing Table


You'd like to see that we’re a great fit (I’m sure we will be!), before diving into a monthly package. 10 hours of my time to be used within 30 days from the purchase date.


You're ready to delegate and take your business to the next level. Set number of hours each month where I clear my diary specifically for you and your business. Please enquire as to how many hours I currently have available.


Need some work completed, but you’re on a strict budget? Try one of our pre-paid options! Pay up front for a bundle of hours, then use them when you need them. The hours are valid for 12 months after purchase (expiry is midnight on the day prior to purchase) and never worry about unexpected bills again!


Contact us Today!

If you’d like to work with a PA but you’re not sure how it could work for you then why not try us for free? We’ll give you THREE hours of our time 100% free. No credit card, no sign up required. Get started today.

Schedule Booking

  • Category: Business
  • Duration: 00:30 Hours
  • Address: Durban, South Africa (Map)




You purchase 10 hours of my time and send across your task list for me to get ticked off. The hours need to be used up within 30 days and don't carry over.
Hours don’t carry over, so you’ll have to use them or lose them. However, with your carefully structured delegation plan and our regular catch-ups, it's unlikely your hours won't get used each week.
I offer a 4-month minimum contract which can be renewed at the end of the contract for a further 4 months and so on. This is to allow me to plan resources to ensure I am able to offer the best service level possible at all times to all of my clients.
I invoice monthly in advance through PayPal and other services. 
If you need more hours each month than we originally estimated, I will do all I can to offer the additional hours required by you ASAP however, it will be dependent on the number of other clients I am working with and the hours I have free at the time.
We can discuss your needs ahead of time, with as much notice as possible, and I can make room in my diary to accommodate you as best as I can. Additional hours are charged at your agreed rate.
Yes of course, whichever is your preferred method of communication: email, Skype, Whatsapp, Phone - I am here to make your life and business less over-whelming!

Please bear in mind that I am based in South Africa which is (SAST, GMT+2) and it will be dependent on my availability that day. I aim to respond to emails or messages as soon as I can, but usually within 24 hours.

Terms & Conditions


•Consultations and quotations are free and are carried out by email or telephone or in person if required.
•Work can be accepted from the client by email, post, CD-Rom, USB drive or    courier.
•All work carried out by myself will be proof-read, however final proof-reading of the work lies with the client and needs to be signed off
•For larger projects a time frame will be negotiated with the client.
•We do not accept liability or responsibility for the end use of any documents or materials produced or edited by myself on behalf of the client.
•We reserve the right to reject any work which we believe to be unlawful or immoral.


•Payments can be made via Paypal or bank transfer.
•Packages must be paid for in advance. Thereafter, a package will be valid for 4 weeks from the date of the first request for services. The first request for services must be made within 2 weeks of the date of payment.
•Project work (pay as you go work) payments will be invoiced on completion of the work and payment is due 14 days from the date of invoice.
•Any additional costs incurred for example, postage, courier, will be invoiced separately to the client as ‘Additional Expenses’.
•Overdue invoices may result in interest charges (at the rate of 10%) for the total outstanding per month.
•In the event of a contract being cancelled/terminated, the client agrees to pay for all work completed up to that point.
•Retainer packages are strictly 7 day payment terms
•Prepaid packages are to be paid prior to any work commencing and time block is valid for 6 months from date of purchase
•Retainer packages – 4 month initial contract with one (1) month’s written notice and payment to cancel agreement
•All cancelled Retainer packages outstanding monies are to be paid within 24 hours of the date of the written notice to cancel
•Tax is applicable to all of the above rates.
•Administration work is defined as something you would reasonably expect any EA/PA to be able to do. For instance, an EA/PA could probably update the text on your website… but they wouldn’t be able to create custom graphics or complete coding changes.


  • 91 Hawk Road, Waterloo, Blackburn, South Africa

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