Suoicerp Virtual Office is primarily engaged in providing online assistance services for other businesses. The Company manages Personal Assistance PA, Business Administration, Document Scanning and Social Media Management. These services allow small and medium sized businesses the ability to save a significant amount of time and money on managing the back-end administrative functions associated with a having a small to moderate personnel base.

Mission Statement

Suoicerp Virtual Office mission is to become the recognized regional leader in its targeted market for outsourced Virtual Assistance services.

Benefits in Choosing Our Virtual Assistant

  • Free up time: Hiring an assistant from us lets you balance your schedule, especially during heavy work days. Imagine having virtual staff working for you while you attend meetings, eat, or catch up on the papers! When you hire virtual staff, you do not need to overload your schedule with work. Assign a tasks to your assistant and manage your schedule for work and play. Pass on the energy-sucking tasks that eat up your time.
  • Cost effective: With a virtual assistant, you never need to pay for office space, electricity, computers, telephone bill and other business overheads. We work in our office, so you do not need to budget for overhead expenses. Imagine the savings you will make each month or even daily. No holiday pay, vacation leave, health insurance, sick leave, and other benefits.
  • Paying per hour rather than an annual salary brings a huge cost-saving compared to a full-time employee.
  • On-call anytime: When your employees are overloaded with work, or someone calls in sick, call our virtual help team
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